5 Adorable Dog Types to Choose From

May 16, 2020 3 min read

5 Adorable Dog Types to Choose From

Dogs have been known for being the most faithful human companion ever since. If we trace the breeding of this species we find there are approximately 400 existing breeds of dogs. However, not all of them are of pure breeds as some of them are a mix of two or more breeds. The need for which a dog is being bred for decides which two or more dog breeds will be crossed for a specialized breed. The procedure has been the same ever since selective breeding came into vogue. Conforming to this wide category of various types of dogs following are the basic classification of dogs

  • Hound Group
  • Herding Group
  • Sporting/Non-sporting Group
  • Working Group
  • Toy Group

In this article, we will try to introduce a specimen from each group of adorable puppies so that you can choose your breed effortlessly. Choose from our wide variety of personalized gifts at PupNPaws which you and your puppy will love to have.

#1. Hound Group - American English Coonhound

This breed of dog has come has been assisting man in hunting activities for quite a long time. Some members of this group particularly the American English Coonhound is known for its impeccable sight and gaze skills. Some of the dogs under this category have an acute sense of smell and can track the mildest smell even for miles. they are known for incredible stamina and are capable of running for long distances. these dogs being swift and agile are the perfect human companions for hunting and running apart from being considerate and adorable friends for a  lifetime.

American English Coonhound

Country of Origin - United States

Height (in) 22 - 27 21 - 25
Weight (Lbs) 40.1 - 65 40.1 - 65
Lifespan (Years) 11 - 12   11 - 12


#2.  Herding Group - German Shepherd Dog

Known for their intelligence these dogs have an innate instinct for herding and protecting which makes them an excellent dog breed for being guard dogs and cattle herders. These types of dogs are skillful learners and it is quite a delight to train these dogs. These German shepherds being very lovable companions not only make excellent pets but are equally excellent as police dogs as well. Follow our blog section for tips of training German Shepard.

German Shepherd Dog

Country of Origin - Germany

Male Female
Height (in) 24 - 26 22 - 24
Weight (Lbs) 66 - 88 49 - 71


#3. Sporting Group - American Water Spaniel

His type of dog makes an excellent companion for people who like to live an active lifestyle. These small dog breeds are usually full of energy and enthusiasm, but they should be kept under a regular exercise schedule. The group includes pointers, retrievers, setters, and spaniels. Very alert, adorable and full of energy these spaniels can make a wonderful companion in their lifespan.

American Water Spaniel

Country of Origin - United States

Male Female
Height (in) 15 - 18 15 - 18
Weight (Lbs) 24.9 - 39.9 30 - 45
Lifespan (Years) 13 - 15 13 - 15


#4. Working Group - Akita

This type of dogs was usually bred to help a man in acclivities like rescues, guarding and pulling carts. However, these dogs being big dog breeds need the proper amount of training to be properly domesticated. These dogs are more suitable for working rather than being family pets. But if they are given work and exercise, they are extremely loyal and dependable companions. All the breeds in this category are intelligent and hence easy to train, making them a pleasure to work with.


Country of Origin - Japan

#5. Toy Group - Pug

Best described as petite or small dog breeds, but that is in contrast with their big personalities. Pugs make wonderful lapdogs and delightful companions. These small dog breeds adapt well to apartment life, and are content with lounging on your lap at the end of the day, are happy with minimum exercise, and hence are ideal pets for people living in apartments. Make your stay with these furry buddies, even more, exiting with dog mom shirts from us at PupNPaws.


Country of Origin -China

Male Female
Height (in) 12 - 14 10 - 12
Weight (Lbs) 13 - 20 12 - 18
Lifespan (Years) 12 - 16 12 - 16










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