Easy ways to keep your pets happy and active during this lockdown

May 15, 2020 2 min read

Easy ways to keep your pets happy and active during this lockdown

With the imposing restrictions and quarantine due to the unexpected pandemic outbreak, we are set down to our homes. Think about this whole, not just us; even our pets are expected to stay home with no options left around. Staying back home is not so easy as we talk, imagine the scenario of these 4 legged families.

It is highly commendable and not advised to take your pets out for any walk or exercise. But this affects their health. It all depends on you, the pet parents to keep them lively throughout the day. 

#1. Spend regular intervals of time in training obstacles

Training obstacles work right for your dogs, cats, and all other small animals. It is a simple indoor activity and is set up by creating low levels of obstacles with some witty patterns. Let your pet spend a couple of hours each day trying to figure out ways to overcome the barriers and master it.

This small pattern would keep your pet energized as well as strengthen their muscles. 

#2. A new trick every week 

How adorable it is to see your pets do what you say! They obey your orders and do all the activities you taught with love. Try a different trick every week and allow your pet to get habituated to it. The following week, try to assign a completely different one and ensure no similarity with the old one. 

Choose different tricks and train their memory and mind!

#3. Standard yet time managing game; Hide-and-seek 

They love to find where you are! Though you play or not, your pets always search for you. Just specify and spend some more time on it by giving the feel of the game. Involve yourself, your family, and children to it to make the game more fun-filled. 

#4. Get them to their native games; Hunt their food

Much to their instinct and nativity, pets are still animals, and hunting is their natural hobby. To pull their legs a little, try tying their fruit or food to a thread and drag it through the room. Let your little pet chase it all long. 

A little exercise before the food is always good!

#5. Some new DIY toys for your pets

It's time to sharpen your creativity for your loving pets. As a pet parent, you do know what your pets love to play with. With that, try out some creative DIY toys for your pets. It can be made out of your old socks or long used mitten gloves. 

New toys would cheer their mood and rejuvenate their energy!

Fun fact: Do you know that dogs and cats have unique nose patterns just like human fingerprints? And these patterns help in differentiating them!

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