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Dog Print Scrub Tops

Dog Print Scrub Tops When you pick that new pup of yours and bring it to your family, it’s a thrilling feel. A lot of responsibilities get added on as well. For a vet, it’s a different level of feeling. They understand what our pets can’t speak via words. They know where the pain is and how to calm them down. Not only vets, those who are into dog grooming or pet grooming, their level of empathy and the kind of passion they put into the work is a completely different level. We wanted to do something cute for these amazing caregivers and lifesavers, and thus we came up with veterinary scrub tops. You can get your own dog print scrub tops. Yes, you don’t need to wear a generic scrub which everyone is wearing - you can have one of your own; you can just tell us about your dogs and your dog print scrubs would be originally designed for you. No matter which design you choose, these are the cutest dog scrubs you would ever see. If you are a vet with lot many pets, we will do that as well as an extra customization. Want kittens to be added? Yes, we do that too. If you are boxer mama then, we have boxer dog scrubs; if you are dachshund mama, then we have dachshunds scrub tops. Also, the fabrics that we use are athletic as well as cotton. You can choose the one that you want. When you are caring or grooming for a dog, wearing a fellow doggy pal’s scrub would make the caretaking dog a lot comfortable. Trust us on that. Tried and tested.